About Our Embroideries

There are three different types of embroideries which we use to produce our linens.

  1. The most sophisticated and exquisite embroideries are hand made in Portugal, using a multitude of different stitches from the 18th and 19th century. They will remind you of the embroideries you can find in museums or alternatively on the stalls of markets selling antique linens. They form an intricate web of stitches magically linked together like pieces of a puzzle. They are highly raised and astonishingly beautiful.
  2. We also offer simple hand embroideries and appliqué work with inlays of organdy which are less sophisticated but highly raised and more structured and striking looking than machine embroidery.
  3. Lastly, machine embroidery : we use either hand-guided machines to embroider special designs such as monograms, coronets, and coat of arms. Today, thanks to computerized machines standard monograms and embroideries can be embroidered extremely fast and at extremely reasonable costs. Our standard monograms are done on computerised machines