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Brinkhaus Blue Aerelle Pillows

Upto 50% Off Winter Sale,Ends 28TH January
Upto 50% Off Winter Sale,Ends 28TH January

Brinkhaus Blue Aerelle Pillows

From £79.00

A sumptuous pillow from the Brinkhaus Blue range made with Cyclafill®. Cyclafill® fibres are made from 100% recyclable polyester meaning that the pillow is environmentally friendly and sustainable. As well as this added benefit, the fibres are fine and silky, perfect for a restful night. Features a curved wave design.

Material: Casing - fine 100% organic cotton cambric, 250 thread count - quilted with Advansa Aerelle® fibre. Filling - Cyclafill®, 100% polyester hollow fibre balls in removable inner bag with zip.

Cyclafill® conserves our planet's resources and contributes to a sustainable future. The fibres are made from recycled PET bottles which to create polyester fibres.

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