The name Brinkhaus has been synonymous with expertise and quality in premium bedding since 1847. Always meeting the highest standards in design and sleeping comfort, Brinkhaus aims to develop and manufacture premium bedding with tradition and innovation, taking care to respect the natural environment at all times.

  • Pillows

    In the Brinkhaus collection of down and feather filled pillows, some are firm for support, others soft for sheer luxury and all night comfort.

  • Luxury Hungarian Down Duvets

    Absolute luxury, and the pinnacle of quality, comes from our passion to create the highest levels of excellence in our products.

  • Hungarian Down Multiple Duvets

    Four exquisite duvets each with Hungarian goose down fillings, they can be paired in up to ten different combinations.

  • European Down Collection

    This classical highly versatile combination of three duvets in one, developed over the years for ultimate sleeping comfort.

  • Silk & Natural Fibres

    Three superb duvets offering an excellent natural alternative to synthetic and down fillings.

  • Mattress Toppers

    Imagine the end of a long tiring day, you are aching to relax. It comes time to rest, just sink into a cloud. floating, drifting to restful sleep.

  • Dust Mite Barriers

    The weave of the Morpheus Dust Mite Barrier is so tight that any "open areas" are much smaller than the body size of the dust mite.

  • Man Made Fibres

    Brinkhaus uses premier hollow fibres, which is top quality supple hollow polyester filament; this is both soft and has good insulation properties.

  • Climasoft

    The innovative Outlast® technology used in the Climasoft range, was developed for NASA, it proactively regulates the balance between temperature and humidity. Temperature variations beneath the duvet are indirectly balanced thanks to the Outlast® micro-capsules. Surplus body warmth is both absorbed and stored to prevent overheating. This results in a consistent sleeping temperature and improved sleep.