A favourite within the range of towels we offer is the plain Etoile towel available in 21 colours which is famous for the thickness of it’s 700 gr pile and offers an exceptional absorbency and strength. Thanks to the revolutionary weaving combination of cotton and modal. The embroidered towels including the matching bath mats and bathrobes. are coordinated with the bed linen collection

  • Embroidered Towel SALE

    Find the perfect set of embroidered towels for your home. If you're looking for bespoke towels, why not add a monogram to make it personal, available on Etoile and a variety of colours.

  • Jacquard Cotton Towels SALE

    The Jacquard towels are made in the Yves Delorme factories using the most advanced and environmentally safe processes, preserving the skills of the local weavers.

  • Plain Towels SALE

    A variety of plain towels available in a broad colour range, suitable for every day use. Why not at a monogram to make them personal, perfect for finishing your home and as a gift.