Our Philosophy

At the Monogrammed Linen Shop we offer beautiful collections of bed-linen, towels, table-linen and other household accessories providing the luxurious final polish needed for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. We carry many ranges of bed linen to suit either very contemporary rooms or very traditional ones. We also carry hundreds of table linen designs, but what makes us truly special is our bespoke service.

We can create any design - whether contemporary or traditional - in the style, quality, size, and colour of your choice. We can embroider tablecloths to match the pattern on your china; design bed linen with borders to complement curtains or headboard fabrics; reproduce coats of arms; or create embroideries for any chosen theme: from wild animals to racing, shooting or skiing.

The Monogrammed Linen Shop was created over 35 years ago by Anne Singer when she moved to London from Paris, where she had studied at the "Institut National des Arts Decoratifs". Her training was primarily that of a draughtsman and colourist, yet she was always drawn to the beauty and technical proficiency required to produce fine embroidery. MLS allowed Anne to combine her passions with her skills.

“In France there has always been a tradition for accumulating beautiful linens. My upbringing was no exception. My grandmother's favourite pastime was to embroider her own table-linen, she would never be seen without her colourful threads and delicate needles” says Anne. In setting up MLS, “I also realised that if one is to produce the most exquisite embroideries, one must first seek out the best possible support on which to embroider.”

Choosing the right fabric for manufacturing bed linen is crucial. Threads and materials used for bedding must be delicate, yet strong. Consider how much time we spend in bed; the average person may spend as much as 25 years in their lifetime between the sheets. It is for this simple reason that choosing the right bed linen is so important.

More recently The Monogrammed Linen Shop has joined forces with the famous French brand Yves Delorme whose expertise in bed linens and other household products stems from the middle of the 19th Century.