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Brinkhaus Twin Topper

Upto 50% Off Winter Sale,Ends 28TH January
Upto 50% Off Winter Sale,Ends 28TH January

Brinkhaus Twin Topper

From £479.00

Imagine the end of a hard day at work or after a long journey, drenched in tiredness and longing to relax. It comes to the time to take rest, just sink into a cloud, cosseted in high quality premier new white goose down, floating, drifting to restful sleep. This is the effect that we have designed in the Brinkhaus luxury Twin Topper. This is a whole new experience in loose cover bedding that goes under the fitted sheet. It comes in two separate parts, the under layer of feather and down, held on the mattress with strong wide band elastic straps and the washable detachable top layer of finest quality soft new white Hungarian goose down, adding some 8 cm of luxurious comfort to your mattress.

Casing: Fine 100% Egyptian long staple cotton twill, Nomite® certified. Top layer: downproof 234 thread count. Bottom layer: down/feather proof 198 thread count

Filling: Top layer: new white European goose down, class I, DIN EN 12934, 90% down. Bottom layer: new white European feathers and down, class I, DIN EN 12934, 85% feathers / 15% down

Detail: Top layer: box stitching with nickel-free metal press studs. Bottom layer: cassette construction with outer baffle and elastic corner straps for mattress height up to 30cm

Washable: Up to 60°C

Please note, this item may incur additional delivery charges when sent outside of the UK

Washable: Up to 60°C
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